Clipboard Manager 1.2

As my attachment involves a lot of programming, I required a lot of copy and paste work. This becomes tedious when a lot of codes are required to be copied because by default, Windows can only store an item in the clipboard. Furthermore, sometimes codes which were copied into the clipboard were accidentally overwritten. Therefore, I decided to create a tool to enhance my own productivity.

This program is programmed in Visual Basic 6.0 and heavily uses Windows API to interact with the desktop.

This program has some friendly (for myself) features such as always on top mode, transparency effect, hotkey shortcuts, capturing bitmap, drag-and-drop file(s), resizable window and configurable settings.

Clipboard Manager



I have limited the saved clipboard items to 30 as large amount of saved items will lead to the program to crash. Furthermore, each saved item is restricted to approximately 8000 characters. The rest of the item will be truncated.


You will need VB 6.0 Runtime files. However, most computers have the required files preinstalled.

How to use?

It is easy to use but you will need to get familiar at the beginning. This is because most of us will be used to not having multiple clipboard items in the memory.

Just execute the ClipboardManager.exe directly and it will open with the default settings. Your changed settings will be saved into an .ini file.

To copy an item into the clipboard manager, just copy like you will normally do in windows. The program constantly monitors the Clipboard to detect any new entries and will add the clipboard entry into the list when it finds a new text string. If it finds a bitmap entry, it will add it into the picture box (on top of my icon).

To retrieve/use a saved item, just click on the item from the list in the application. It will be automatically saved into the Windows Clipboard. You will be able to use it by pasting to any application you want. This also applies to the bitmap image.


If you hover your mouse over a saved item, you will be able to see the full/partial contents of the item.

You can drag-and-drop file(s) into the list box and the file(s) full file path will be added into the Clipboard Manager.

Important Note: Please be aware that this program is not fool-proof or error-free. Use it at your own risk. I will not be held responsible for any loss of data or the destruction of your computer.


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