CGPA Calculator

With today’s cumulative grade point average (CGPA) system, we would like to keep track of our CGPA to ensure we are on the right track to achieve our goals. This is crucial because this might determine how much effort we put in for certain subjects.

This Excel spreadsheet contains the formulas used to derive the CGPA with the input of the subjects, grades and Academic Units (AU). It was actually created by my father when I was in the first year. I have modified the spreadsheet to accept more subjects per semester (10 subjects).

Semester Entry

Enter the Subject Code, Subject Code, Academic Units (AU) and Grade

Note: Editable cells are colored in light yellow

It is currently based on the 5 point GPA system where the maximum points attainable is 5.0. This can be easily changed into the 4 point GPA system by modifying the VLookUp table.

Cumulative GPA and Grade Scale

The CGPA calculated for the total 8 semesters

It allows the input for 8 semesters but not inter semesters (because I do not take inter sems 🙂 ). To circumvent this limitation, just enter the subject taken in the inter semester, into another semester’s entry.


Each semester’s entry is in a separate sheet

Download Here: CGPA Calculator Excel Spreadsheet

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