Typing Speedmeter

Around 7 years ago, I was learning how to touch type and increase my typing speed.

To work on my typing speed, I used to type song lyrics while the music was playing. By forcing myself to catch up on the song, I managed to significantly increase my typing speed.

However, I could not find any application which gauges my typing speed real time. Normally, the typing tests programs will only gauge the typing speed within the application but I required a speed gauge which works anywhere in Windows.

Therefore, I created Speedmeter using VB6. This application gauges your typing speed wherever you type in Windows. For example, it will track your typing speed whether you are typing in MSN, MS Word, Notepad or your blog.

Sai just found that the application actually causes the whole computer system to slow down. Maybe this is due to the low Video Memory of the computer. However, the application is still usable normally without major slow downs.

I wrote the Speedmeter many years ago, when I was just started learning VB. Therefore, I am actually planning to create a new version to include better performance and customizable features.

  • How To Use

Just run the Speedmeter.exe and start typing. The speed gauge is located on the top left corner of your screen by default.

To change the position of the speed gauge display, place your cursor on the location you want the gauge to appear.Then, wait for the Speedmeter wordings appear and type SETPOS.

To exit, similar like SETPOS, just type EXIT anywhere.

  • Speed Calculation

To calculate the typing speed, the application just detects the number words split by a space. The number is then divided by the time period which is shown on the display. For the future version, I plan to implement a more in-depth typing speed result.


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