Wiimote Whiteboard

In this post I will summarize what is the Wiimote Whiteboard and its usage.

What is a Wiimote?

A Wiimote or Wii Remote is the controller used with the Wii console. Although it cost just about US$40, it contains accelerometers, a IR camera, rumble, speaker and several buttons. It communicates with the Wii console through Bluetooth, thus it was possible to connect the Wiimote to the computer by acting as a Bluetooth HID (Human Interface Device).

What is a Wiimote Whiteboard?

Johnny Chung Lee has developed several intriguing systems using just a Wiimote. One of his creations was the Low-Cost Multi-point Interactive Whiteboards Using the Wiimote, or in short, Wiimote Whiteboard.

Just by using a Wiimote, you will be able to turn any surface into a interactive surface similar to the commercially available Whiteboards. To get started, you will just need a Wiimote, computer with Bluetooth connectivity and a self-made Infrared (IR) pen.

In the following video, Johnny Lee explains the basics of the Wiimote Whiteboard.


I am currently working on several wiimote projects. One of my main focus at the moment is to enhance the Wiimote Whiteboard to be suited for the teaching community. This involves simplifying and introducing tools which teachers will find useful to actually use the Wiimote Whiteboard in class.

Therefore, I hope that the Wiimote Whiteboard can be introduced to more classrooms once the technical barrier of the implementation is removed.

Here is an excellent video created by Ben, a fellow forumer from Wiimote Project who has been using the Wiimote Whiteboard in the classroom. 🙂


I will be compiling the details on how you can set up the Wiimote Whiteboard yourself.  Don’t worry, it is not that difficult. 🙂


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