Wiimote Smoothboard 0.3.5 BETA

Update: I have released Smoothboard on a new website, Smoothboard.net.

Floating Toolbar - Annotation Floating Toolbar - Navigation

The latest Smoothboard release contains Floating Toolbar to provide quick full control of your presentations and lessons. The Floating Toolbar allows you to change slides easily in PowerPoint and navigate your desktop with ease.
The built-in Annotation Tool allows you to write and draw on top of any window on your desktop. The Colored Pens and Highlighter will be essential in every presentation. The Snapshot tool will automatically save a screenshot for later retrieval or distribution.

The latest Smoothboard release can be downloaded from http://www.smoothboard.net


Multiple Wiimotes Support – allows the usage of a secondary Wiimote for redundancy

  • Primary and Secondary Wiimotes can be switched
  • Primary Wiimote can be used to focus a specific screen area
  • Activate Whiteboard Mode and Presenter Mode simultaneously

Configurable Screen Area Tracking – calibrate a selected screen area and/or select another display to be used as an interactive whiteboard

Outside Screen Area Toggles

  • Simulate Mouse Click – right click and double click
  • Simulate Key Press – allows multiple key combinations
  • Launch or execute any application/file which has a default viewer
  • Notification Balloon – displays triggered events

Cursor Control Toolbar – resizable toolbar that allows quick toggles between left click, right click, double click and motion only cursor.

IR Calibration

  • Viewable calibration setup to allow easier adjustments for greater tracking utilization
  • Configurable infrared (IR) sensitivity to allow greater range or improved accuracy

Integrated Wiimote Presenter 0.2 – allows the control of the computer even when away from the screen

  • Cursor Control – with a stationary IR source
  • Key Press – using mapped Wiimote buttons
  • Timers – tool to keep track of timings
  • Compatible with pre-existing Wiimote Presenter files
  • Laser Pointer Cursor

Easy switching between settings files – for Whiteboard Mode and Presenter Mode

Cursor Smoothing – reduces jagged lines when drawing in Whiteboard Mode and Presenter Mode

And More!

With the Wiimote Smoothboard, I hope that everyone especially teachers and those who do a lot of presentations will find this application useful.


Johnny Lee for his ingenuity in creating Wiimote Whiteboard

Brian Peek for providing the WiimoteLib 1.4

Jason Smith for creating and providing the source codes for the Wiimote Presenter

My girlfriend, Stephanie Foo, for supporting me in completing this project

WiimoteProject.com users especially Ben, for their suggestions, and help in testing

Generous donors and volunteers, who have been continuously supporting and testing the Wiimote Smoothboard.


For the latest versions: http://www.boonjin.com/wp/category/projects

Update 24th July 2008: A bug in the application has caused the repeated simulated key presses in the Presenter Mode. In this update, the issue is resolved. Thanks to jmatson for his feedback regarding to this issue.

Update 23rd January 2008: I have released Smoothboard 1.0 on a new website, Smoothboard.net.

Please report any bugs or suggestions by posting a comment here or at the Wiimote Project forum. Thanks!

Please provide your feedback regarding the functionality of the Wiimote Smoothboard. Your responses are greatly appreciated.
With your valuable feedback, the Wiimote Smoothboard will be able to be improved tremendously and ready to be released to everyone.

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