Smoothboard 1.0 Release

I am proud to announce that after half a year of development, Smoothboard 1.0 is now released.

I have also developed to be the dedicated website for Smoothboard.

Smoothboard Logo

 Smoothboard 1.0 comes in an installer for you to quickly set up the software on your computer.

For more information, go to

Ben has also made a wiki for the wiimote whiteboard and Smoothboard at

Thank you for all your support for the past months!

12 Responses

  1. erol Says:

    We really appreciate your time and your cleverness.

  2. Boon Jin Says:

    Thanks for your comment. 🙂
    Hope that Smoothboard works well for you.

  3. Katharine Says:

    Congratulations! I know it has been a large amount of work, but teachers across the country are so happy to have access to it!

  4. D. Albiza Says:

    As a teacher at a small school with a small budget to match, I can’t tell you what this means to us. I feel as though the door to a wondrous new world had been unlocked for my students. Thank you!!

  5. Boon Jin Says:

    Hi Katharine and D. Albiza,

    I am glad that Smoothboard could be a simple and effective tool in the classroom.

    Thank you for your kind comments.

  6. Ken T Says:

    I’ve been using Smoothboard in my classroom for a week now and the students love it and so do I. They did notice some distortion in the calibration if the projected image is corrected for the keystone effect. They want to know if it is possible to have additional calibration points in the middle of the image

    Anyway, great work. We may not buy the Smartboard we are currently testing out because of the cost effectiveness of the Wii system!

  7. Boon Jin Says:

    Hi Ken,

    I have not used many setups with projectors that have the keystone feature.

    From my guess, the keystone feature itself should not affect the whiteboard accuracy if the whole screen is displayed as a four sided rectangle (The four lines of the rectangle are straight).

    Maybe your distortion can be controlled by ensuring the display is not warped at the center of the screen. A suggestion is drawing a square on the screen and adjusting the projectors’s warp/perspective settings.

    Hope this helps.

    Boon Jin

  8. JenJon Says:

    We installed the latest version of Smoothboard on a WinXP workstation. When we try to launch the program, we get an error message that says the software will not initialize. Any help with that? It installed fine on a different machine.

    Boon Jin: Hi, This is most probably due to required .NET 3.5 Framework not being installed. You can download and install it from Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework Download . Hope this works. 🙂

  9. L Wu Says:

    Hi, Boon jin. I’m now using two wiimotes for tracking, but I want only one wiimote be used as a whiteboard, and the other one will have other usage. I’ve tried your smoothboard program and set to whiteboard mode. But the secondary wiimote seems to interfere with the primary wiimote. So, is it possible to set an option to specify which wiimote will be used in smoothboard, while the others are totally screened.

    Boon Jin:
    You can just set the software to use one wiimote.
    Then, the Smoothboard will only connect to a single wiimote instead of two.

    Boon Jin

  10. twolvie Says:

    Boon Jin–

    Your product is great for my classroom. Thanks for your hard work. I have a permanent dual charger mounted on my projector for continuous use/bluetooth connection. After a while, the Smoothboard software shuts itself down and I have to re-open it. Is there a way to make sure it always stays open?

    Boon Jin:

    Thanks for the feedback.

    How long does it shut itself down? Any errors shown or preconditions before it actually happens?
    The wiimotes were still connected and you just need to relaunch the Smoothboard?

    Boon Jin

  11. Robert Bauer Says:

    We are beginning to deploy the Wii board in classrooms. I really prefer your Smoothboard app. to the Uwe Schmidt’s java based app. But I really miss the click and hold function for right mouse click equivalent. Your interface and software like NetOps Pointer or Linksys Presenter are a perfect combo, but some of these applications send your click control window to the back. The simple press and hold for right click on the Java app. is so convenient. Is it possible to integrate this into your app?

    I also echo all the other sentiments here of what a wonderful application Smoothboard is. We have a teacher comparing his SMARTboard [which has been taken away forcing him to the Wii Board. He is very satisfied.

  12. Jeff Ehmek Says:

    Been using smoothboard 1.0 for a few weeks after using your free version 0.4.6. Noticed it is more stable. Thanks for all the great work!!!

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