IR Pens for Sale

We now have IR Pens and miscellaneous hardware in stock here in Singapore.
In the meantime, we will only complete orders for Singapore addresses only.

Promotion: Free Postage to Singapore Addresses!

IR Pens

Groove from IRPensOnline – Pressure Sensitive Pen


Basic IR Pen



Package 1 : Smoothboard Single User License Key + Groove = SGD 85

Package 2 : Smoothboard Single User License Key + Basic IR Pen = SGD 55


We will issue a Paypal invoice once the order is confirmed where you can proceed with the payment with your credit card or Paypal account.
We are also currently accepting direct fund transfer from Singapore banks. For the fastest completion of the transaction, you can directly transfer to our DBS, UOB, or OCBC bank accounts.

For large orders, we will provide attractive rates so please send your enquiries to us.

Please send your orders to admin at with the details such as below:

Subject Line: Singapore Order

Contact Number:
Mailing Address:
Preferred Bank Transaction: DBS/UOB/OCBC

Package 1:         Quantity:
Package 2:         Quantity:

Thank you.

2 Responses

  1. gad Says:

    i want to buy ir pen

  2. louis Says:

    erm jus wondering abt the IR LED pen… y is the pen so expensive?

    isit it jus a vishay 6400 IR LED? some momantery push button switch … 1 battery holder… might be some resistor or diode…

    i did my own pen and i cant really control it

    cant really do the calibration well

    Boon Jin’s Reply:

    Each package of the IR pen comes with a single user license of the Wiimote Whiteboard software, Smoothboard which is worth USD29.99. For more information regarding Smoothboard, you can visit

    The Basic IR pen uses the Vishay 6400 IR LED which works well with the Wiimote.
    Most probably your IR LED is not up to the required specification of 940nm.
    Purchasing an IR pen will reduce the troubles you face in making and testing your own.

    We have been working on the pens and software for more than a year. 🙂

    The Groove IR pen comes with a pressure sensitive tip so you do not need to manually click on a button to activate the IR LED but just write directly on a hard screen surface.

    Currently, we provide free registered shipping for the packages shown on the website to Singapore addresses.

    Thank you.

    Boon Jin

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