Smoothboard Air with Duo

I have just released the Smoothboard Air with Duo software which allows annotations directly from a tablet such as an iPad or Android Tablet.

The new software is based on Smoothboard 2 and now supports 2 simultaneous IR Pen inputs. The new Split Screen mode allows two users to interact at the screen together with independent Floating Toolbars.

With the use of a tablet, you are now able to draw or write on any application directly on the computer. Smoothboard Air with Duo allows text input too which is great for mind-mapping.

Also, the software has a new Flip Chart feature for multi-page drawing.

Smoothboard Air with Duo allows you to control your computer’s cursor and keyboard from the tablet.

You are also able to scroll through documents and website quickly with the Scroll Area as shown below. Tapping on the area will trigger the Up and Down keys on the computer. In a slideshow, this will enable you to change slides quickly.

Smoothboard Air with Duo supports collaboration with two or more tablets. The tablets can be connected to the Smoothboard Air with Duo server by just scanning the QR code. No installation is required on the mobile devices as the web browser is used. This feature allows new participants in a meeting room or classroom to connect instantly as long as the devices are within the same network.

A powerful new feature in Smoothboard Air with Duo is that the annotations made during a PowerPoint slideshow is now attached to each slide. When you switch slides, the annotations for each respective page will appear accordingly. The annotations can be saved into the slides of the PowerPoint file at the end of the slideshow.

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