Jan 25

I am working on a new interactive classroom platform for engaging your students. The new platform, Deck.Toys is now in beta.

Deck.Toys Logo

Deck.Toys allows you to turn regular lessons into highly interactive experiences for students.

If you are teaching in a 1:1 or BYOD classroom with any mobile devices such as laptops, Chromebooks or iPads, do join the Deck.Toys Beta.

Also, do share Deck.Toys to your colleagues. Thanks!

Aug 28

We have created an animated video to introduce Smoothboard Air.

Our vision is for educators and students around the world to benefit from the real-time collaboration platform which Smoothboard Air provides.

Thanks for watching!

Here is the transcript for the video:

The rise of mobile technologies like smartphones, netbooks and tablets are increasingly challenging not just conventional teaching methods but the attention span of both students and teachers.

More students are bringing their own mobile devices to class. And the numbers are just going to keep growing.

But mobile technology should not be another hurdle to keep students engaged in class. It should be an effective tool in encouraging participation and active learning among students
How do you do that?
All you need is Smoothboard Air, a good teacher, a computer with wireless access, and a class of students with their mobile devices.

Begin by installing Smoothboard Air into your computer. It takes just 20 seconds to install.

Smoothboard Air will provide an IP address immediately.

Connect students’ mobile devices to the WIFI network.
Students just need to enter the IP address into their mobile devices and WALLA! They are now sharing your screen.

Now, you can write annotations on your own presentation and students can save them at the end of the lesson.

You can organize mini contests and quizzes. And students can participate instantly from their own mobile devices.

More than 100,000 educators have downloaded and tried the first version of Smoothboard.

And now, we have Smoothboard Air which will bring learning to a new level.

You don’t have to fight the rising trend of mobile devices in classrooms.

Ride the trend smoothly with Smoothboard Air.

Aug 1

With the help of my friend, I have made a short video showing how to connect several different mobile devices to the computer running Smoothboard Air. The video also contains a quick run through of the features of the Smoothboard Air software.

The devices in the video are: 2x iPads, 1x Macbook, 1x Galaxy Tab 10.1, 1x Galaxy Nexus, and 1x iPod Touch.

Jan 23

I am proud to announce that after half a year of development, Smoothboard 1.0 is now released.

I have also developed Smoothboard.net to be the dedicated website for Smoothboard.

Smoothboard Logo

 Smoothboard 1.0 comes in an installer for you to quickly set up the software on your computer.

For more information, go to Smoothboard.net.

Ben has also made a wiki for the wiimote whiteboard and Smoothboard at http://www.boonjin.com/smoothboard.

Thank you for all your support for the past months!

Jun 1

Update: I have released Smoothboard on a new website, Smoothboard.net.

I have managed to set up the Wiimote Whiteboard system just a few days ago. One of the major difficulties that I have encountered is the lack of the right click feature. One of the ways to simulate a right click is through having two infrared diodes. However, this will require some modification to the IR pen and also to the Johnny Lee’s software.

Therefore, I have made a simple application that will help Wiimote Whiteboard users to right click. This application, allows you to switch the normal clicks into right clicks. This is done by intercepting the left click event and replacing it with a simulated right click event.

After executing the application, drag or resize the window to suit your usage. When you need to right click, just click within the window, toggle area or the status bar (except the settings button). The subsequent click you make will be a right click. After that, the next clicks will be the normal left clicks.

The window position and the other settings are saved in an INI file located in the same folder with the executable.

I have not tested this application in detail so most probably there will be some unknown bugs. Please feel free to post a comment here if you find any problems with the application.

If you will also like me to add more features to this application, please also tell me. For example, double clicking using an infrared pen is not easy. I might include a double click feature in the future.

Update: I have made a new version of the Wiimote Whiteboard,Smoothboard.net.

It has many new features including the built-in right clicking function. It should work in PowerPoint 2003/2007 and in OneNote 2007. Therefore, development for Right-Clicker is now superseded by the Wiimote Smooth Board.

Update: I have released Smoothboard on a new website, Smoothboard.net.

Note: If your computer could not run this application, you have to install the VB6 runtime files that can be downloaded from here: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=7B9BA261-7A9C-43E7-9117-F673077FFB3C&displaylang=en

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